Jp Drain Care

For certain operative procedures, you will be discharged to home with a closed suction drain in place. The drain is sutured to your skin to prevent premature removal, and is attached at the end to a plastic bulb. It is best to clip or safety pin the bulb to your clothing to prevent excessive tension on the drain and, again, inadvertent removal. You will be taught prior to discharge how to empty the bulb and to reapply suction, and be asked to maintain a record of the daily output. In general, the drain is ready to be removed when the output is less than 30cc a day for two days in a row. Drain removal is performed in the office. You should keep the drain site dry to prevent an infection. You may need to sponge bathe while the drain is in place in order to do this; in some cases, if you have a water-resistant dressing in place, you can shower over the dressing as long as you are careful.


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